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The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) registers local and overseas companies and individuals and firms carrying on business in Jamaica. It actively encourages voluntary compliance of companies and businesses with the Companies Act of 2004, the Companies (Amendment Act) 2013, the Registration of Business Names Act of 1934 and maintains up-to-date records of all companies and businesses registered. Their mission is to facilitate ease of doing business in Jamaica by providing effective and efficient registration systems which promote business regulation and deliver accurate information to all stakeholders.

In Jamaica, there are two basic structures to choose between:

  • A Company: this is a commercial enterprise registered or incorporated under the Companies Act. (A company can either be non-profit (Charity, Club, NGO etc) or profit generating).
  • A Business Name: this is a sole trader, partnership or trade name registered under the Registration of Business Names Act.

For more information about registering a business,, click the step-by-step business process guideline below.

How to Register a Business

The Process
Process Quick Tips

  1. Collection Times for approved Certificates and Articles of Incorporation:
    • Monday - Wednesday: between 2:30 & 3:30 pm
    • Thursday – Friday: between 2:30 & 3:00 pm

  1. Express Service submission cut-off times:
    • 9:30 am for Same Day Service
    • 1:00 pm for Next Day Service

  1. Non-Jamaicans are required to secure their individual TRN prior to visiting the COJ

  1. Non-CARICOM nationals are required to have work permits or unconditional landing status, Jamaican Passport or Naturalisation papers.

  1. Overseas companies may operate in Jamaica but must first be registered at the Companies Office of Jamaica. Any changes in the documents at the time of registration must be filed with the Companies Office of Jamaica. The registration fee is $25,000.

  1. Any Businesses (local or overseas) operating without registering at the Companies Office of Jamaica are considered to be operating illegally.

  1. The COJ does not accept official documents that are older than 6 months (example - proof of address/etc.).

  1. Steps outlined assume a favourable consideration by the approval body. In the case of non-approval, the relevant appeals process is applicable.


For more information on this process visit the COJ at