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Jamaica, with its rich history, rustic countryside, majestic mountains, secluded coves, mysterious caves, mini-jungles, historic sites and captivating waterfalls, has been a premier location for film projects since the early 1900s, but now screen-based industries in Jamaica are experiencing a renaissance. While, historically, the activity in the sector surrounded local television commercial productions and large international film projects that came only to shoot in Jamaica; today, there is the emergence of home-grown stories and significant diversification — from captivating full-length films, to vivid shorts, animated content and music videos, to compelling documentary features. All of this has resulted in an increasing diverse pool of creative, technical and on-screen talent.

Through private sector efforts, economic growth across all of the industries within our screen-based sector is being encouraged at the highest levels of government and through its ministries and agencies. This, in turn, is having a systemic impact on the educational, training and professional resources available in Jamaica. Therefore, apart from the abundance of well-trained actors and performing artists; foreign producers can easily locate and collaborate with top-notch Jamaican managers, directors and technical practitioners, who have worked on a variety of local and international projects, across all fields of audio-visual production.


However, overseas companies wishing to film in Jamaica, whether still shoots, music videos, documentaries, reality and other television shows, must apply to the Jamaica Film Commission (JFC) for a Film Licence. In addition, all commercial film, television and other screen- based productions being undertaken entirely or partially in Jamaica are also to be registered with the Jamaica Film Commission.


For more information about registering a film project, see the business process guideline below.



How to Register a Film Project

The Process
Process Quick Tips
  1. The Jamaica Film Commission must be aware of the date and port of entry for all crew and equipment arriving on the island. Clients will be required to retain the services of a Customs Broker for clearance of equipment through Customs on arrival as well as production manager/coordinator.
  1. Equipment:
    • Full grip and lighting equipment are available in Jamaica. Also available are 1000-amp Crawford generators, trucks and one honeywaggon. Any additional equipment can be sourced through the existing rental company, or imported.
    • Additional equipment brought in to the country will be allowed to enter duty free. Relevant parties should provide a list stating item(s), serial number(s), and value, which should be sent to the Film Commission at least one week in advance. All items entering the country must be re-exported on completion of filming. Duty will be charged on consumables.

For more information about registering a film, visit the Jamaica Film Commission.