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Secure Environmental Approvals

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has as its mission “to promote sustainable development by ensuring protection of the environment and orderly development in Jamaica”.  Environmental Permissions (permits/licences) required to carry out development in Jamaica are obtained under the Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act.  NEPA reviews the application and makes a recommendation to the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) which is the approving entity.

The main environmental issues to consider when contemplating development are:

Biological Resources

Water Resources


Solid Waste Disposal

Public Health

Coastal Zone

Protected Areas


Natural Hazards

Air Quality

Sewage Treatment and Disposal

See below for more information about how to secure your environmental permits…and then Contact NEPA.

How do you secure your Environmental Permits?

The Process
Process Quick Tips
  1. Pursuant to the Town and Country Planning Act, for Planning Applications requiring Environmental Permits - the NRCA must indicate its intention to grant permission prior to the Town and Country Planning Authority (TCPA) granting planning permission. 
  2. Pursuant to the Natural Resources Conservation Act - A Planning Application and an Environmental Application must be submitted simultaneously, that is, to both the Municipal Corporations and NEPA.
  3. Post Permit Monitoring will be conducted by NEPA to ensure that the stipulated conditions are met. Additionally, facilities are required to undertake self-monitoring and submit regular reports to NEPA.
  4. NEPA reserves the right to revoke or suspend any permit or licence if it determines that the stipulated conditions are not being upheld.
  5. For Beach Licences - you are required to comply with the requirements of the Notice of Application (Form B). This must be done in the form of a Notice. Copies of this Notice shall be posted on the landward and seaward sides of the property and copies of said Notice served on the adjoining neighbours. Once you have posted and served the notices, you should inform NEPA so that a site inspection can be conducted to verify your compliance.
  6. NEPA’s Technical Review Committee meets on a monthly basis to review and make recommendations on Permits and Licences.
  7. The Natural Resources Conservation Authority meets on a monthly basis to review and make decisions on Permits and Licences.
  8. If an applicant is aggrieved by the decision or the conditions of approval handed down by the NRCA, they can appeal to the Minister with portfolio for the Environmentwithin twenty-eight (28) days of receipt of the letter indicating the Authority’s decision.

For more information on this process visit NEPA’s e-Centre at