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Secure Electricity Connections

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), is the independent regulatory Agency with responsibility for the electricity sector. The OUR regulates the electricity sector in Jamaica, which includes the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in an effort to ensure that consumers of utility services enjoy an acceptable quality of service at a reasonable cost.

The JPS is an integrated electric utility company and the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica. The Company is engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, and also purchases power from a number of the IPPs.

As the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, at some point during the implementation of your development, in order for it to be supplied with electricity, you will have to apply to the JPS for your electricity connection(s).

For more information and a step-by-step guideline to securing an electricity connection see the business process below.

How to Obtain an Electricity Licence

The Process
Process Quick Tips
  1. All applicants should consult JPS’ Standard Terms and Conditions document, for important information pertaining to restrictions in the utilization of the electricity supplies offered.
  2. Additionally, we recommend that you consult JPS’ 2018/19 Rate Schedule Sheet, which gives specific information on JPS’ “myBusiness” tariffs (Rate 20, Rate 40 and Rate 50)
  3. Activities at a construction site sometimes result in the need for temporary electricity supply. Whenever this occurs there are certain guidelines that all customers are required to follow
    • Have the property checked by a Certified Electrician to ensure that breakers, grounding wires and other electrical connections are ready to receive electricity.
    • Have a Government Electrical Inspector (GEI) check the installation and issue a certificate, if approved.
    • Make an application to JPS at least five days before the electricity is needed. Provide JPS with details of the load requirements, for example, the types of equipment that will be used at the location. Make a deposit, based on the required load, sign a contract before the service is provided.
  4. Licensed Electricians, are the only persons recognised by the Electric Lighting Act, 1977 and the GEI to carry out this type of work on your facility or development.  Only a licensed Electrician’s name can go on the electrical inspection report and other government documents.
  5. Should you wish to have your service disconnected, simply provide a letter to JPS, on your company’s letterhead detailing the relevant service address, account number (customer number and premises number) and the date that you would like your service to be disconnected. You should also provide JPS with an address for the final bill.

For more information about securing your electricity connection, Visit the JPS Website