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Request Removal From The Register

The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) has as its mission, to facilitate ease of doing business in Jamaica by providing easy to use, efficient systems which will promote business regulation. Not only is it responsible for registering local and overseas companies, individuals and firms carrying on business in Jamaica; the COJ is also responsible for supervising the winding-up of solvent companies/estates.

In addition, they remove entities which have been wound-up/liquidated, as well as, those which the Registrar has reason to believe are no longer in operation. The COJ maintains up-to-date records of all companies and businesses registered; and it actively encourages voluntary compliance of companies and businesses with the Companies Act 2004, the Companies (Amendment Act) 2013 and the Registration of Business Names Act of 1934.

The decision to close a business can be very complex. However, having all the relevant information at hand along with the support of professionals (attorney/business adviser/accountant/etc.) will make it easier to come to the best conclusion for your company.

To learn more about having a company removed from the Register of Companies, follow this step-by-step business process guideline below.

How to Request Removal from the Register of Companies

The Process
Process Quick Tips
  1. Where the number of directors exceeds two (2), the letter requesting removal must be signed by all or the majority of the directors. Where the number of directors is two (2), both directors must sign the letter. Where the number of directors is one (1), that director or the director and secretary may sign the letter.
  1. If three (3) or more major changes are simultaneously made to the registered particulars of the business name, you will be required to close the business and a new one registered. The following shall be deemed major changes when made simultaneously:

- Name of business

- Address of business

- Nature of business

  1. In the event that a company is struck off the Register while it is still carrying on business or owns property, the assets of the Company will go bona vacantia to the Crown. That is, The Government of Jamaica becomes the owner of the property. The Property vests in the Crown after 20 years.
  1. If a company is struck off of the Register while it owns property or is carrying on Business, it may within Twenty (20) years of being struck off, request restoration to the Register by submitting an application to the Registrar of Companies.
  1. Where the notification of closure is submitted after the expiration of the date contained on the Certificate of Registration the Applicant is required to bring the business up-to-date by completing the prescribed form and paying the relevant fees before the Registrar will register notice of the closure.
  2. The date of closure of the business is the date the notification of closure is received by the Registrar and the relevant fee paid.
  1. Steps outlined assume a favourable consideration by the approval body. In the case of non-approval, the relevant appeals process is applicable.

For more information on this process visit the COJ at