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The National Compliance and Regulatory Agency (NCRA) was formerly the regulatory division of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), and has as its mission, protecting the health and safety of consumers from harmful products and promoting fairness in trade.  Having restructured its operations from an inspection and enforcement agency to a trade facilitator and business enabler, the BSJ will assist businesses through the development, promotion and use of standards; while the NCRA will act as the regulatory arm of the Bureau.  As such, training, testing, label assessment and calibration services, as well as certification will now be done through the NCRA.

It is an offence to operate an establishment in which food is manufactured or processed for export or sale unless the Director of the NCRA/BSJ has registered such an establishment.  The NCRA is responsible for administering the registration of processed food establishments, importers, local manufacturers of goods, and inspecting goods at the ports of entry and in the domestic market.

For more information about registering a food facility, see the step-by-step business process guidelines below.

How to register your Manufacturing/Processed Foods Facility.

The Process
Process Quick Tips

Process Quick Tips:

  1. Prescribed foods are those that are manufactured for export or sale that have been prescribed under regulations.
  2. The BSJ registration is required for:
    • Label assessment
    • Factory Inspection (joint with NCRA)
    • End-product testing
  3. The certificate expires after one (1) year.  Renewal applications are to be submitted two (2) weeks prior to expiration.
  4. The BSJ will conduct periodic visits to the plant through the NCRA.
  5. Unique Product Codes (UPC) or Bar Codes are secured from

For more information, you may contact the NCRA at  or 1 (876) 618-1534.