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Today, tourism is one of Jamaica’s leading industries with more than three million visitors welcomed to our shores each year. The elements of the tourism product are varied and includes accommodation, transportation, attractions and tours, dining and entertainment (inclusive of festivals and events), and the support services.

The Tourism Attractions and Tours product offers numerous recreational opportunities in Jamaica, with excellent facilities for tennis, golf and equestrian and water sports of all sorts.  With its white sand beaches and rivers, large expanses of plains and mountains where the flora and fauna provide an attractive kaleidoscope of island life, opportunities of all sorts abound including plantation and great house tours, marine animals and water parks, walking and vehicular trails, nature reserves, museums, galleries and other soft adventure tours, all of which provides something for everyone.

All tourism entities operating in Jamaica, including Attractions and Tour entities, are required to be in possession of a Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB)  Licence as per Section 23A of the Jamaica Tourist Board Act (1955).

The JTB is an agency under the Ministry of Tourism (MOT).  It has as its mission the development and marketing of the tourism industry so that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean tourist destination. Before applying for benefits under the incentives framework, you are required to be in possession of your JTB Licence.  See the categories of licences issued by the JTB.

How to License an Attraction

The Process
Process Quick Tips
  1. There are several benefits of being in possession of a JTB Attractions Licence, in particular:

Access to incentives offered to JTB licensed entities under the Fiscal Incentives (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act

  1. The receipt from the payment of your property taxes will not be accepted.  The applicant must provide the actual Certificate of payment.

  1. Team Jamaica Training at TPDCo is required to obtain Tour Guide Licence
  2. Attractions using heritage sites must consult with the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT).
  3. A licence granted in respect of any tourist attraction shall, subject to any power of the Board to revoke or suspend such licence, be granted for an indefinite period; and may be granted either unconditionally or subject to such restrictions and on such conditions as may be specified in the license.

For more information about licencing an tourism attraction…Visit TPDCo