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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As the place for all your investment information, the National Business Portal (NBP) is about making business and investment easy!  It provides quick and direct access to the most comprehensive database of information on the key aspects of investing and accomplishing your business pursuits in Jamaica. The information provided in our FAQs links below will assist you with getting the most out of the Portal and streamlining your path to establishing your business operations. 

How do I create my Investor Profile and register my investment interests/projects online?

Answer: To create your Investor account, click the “Add Investor Account” icon at the top right-hand side of the page and enter the details required including - your username, email address, name, company name (if applicable), address (es) and telephone/mobile numbers. After submitting this information, a one-time password (OTP) will be automatically sent to the email address specified during the registration process. Follow the instructions provided to verify the registration process and once the verification process is completed, click the “Login” icon to login to your Account. Upon first login, for security purposes, you will be asked to change your OTP to your own personal password and to agree to the “Terms of Use”.

Do I need to register each of my investment interests/projects separately?

Answer: Yes.  The “Project Registration Form” is designed to allow for the registration of a single investment interest/project.  In addition, when you complete and save the first page of the form, the system will assign a unique “identification number” to that particular project. Therefore, when submitting multiple interests/projects, a separate project registration form must be completed, each with its own individual ID number. 


What is the benefit to registering my investment interest/project?

Answer:  Our “Investment Registration Platform” gives you the advantage of an advanced, personalised “preliminary review” and assessment of your investment interest/project, which can help to eliminate costly delays and hiccups during its implementation.  The early notification of and information sharing between the various BFPs; provides them with a fuller and more comprehensive perspective of the many varying project elements, allowing them to better advise JAMPRO on the quickest and most streamlined path to success.


In what timeframe and how will I receive feedback on my investment interest/project?

Answer:  A “NBP Investment Officer” will contact you (via email/telephone) within one (1) working days from the day your project registration was submitted through the Portal.  Your Officer will review your registration with you to ensure all the relevant information has been submitted/uploaded, advise you of the process and provide you with their contact information for future communications.  While the timeframe for feedback from the BFPs is dependent on the size and complexity of the project submitted, an initial preliminary feedback will be provided within five (5) working days from the first contact by your NBP Officer.


Can I change or update my “Investor Account” and profile information?

Answer:  Definitely. Simply select the “Toggle Menu”, click on your Username and then select “Account Settings” under the “My Account” tab. You will be allowed to make the desired changes and save the updated information.


How can I withdraw my investment interest and at what stage?

Answer:  Your investment Interest can be withdrawn at any time before submission.  However, once submitted, you will not be allowed to withdraw your proposal. If you have already submitted your proposal and wish to have it withdrawn, you will need to contact the JAMPRO Investment Officer for assistance.  Contact Us.


Do I need to complete my entire Investment interest/project registration form in a single session?

Answer:  No.  The “Project Registration Form” has two (2) pages and twelve (12) items to be completed; of these only the first three (3) are mandatory.  You are allowed to “Save” the project registration form once all mandatory information has been entered. Once saved, you can then exit and return to the Form and complete it at a later date or time.  After you have completed and saved the Form, you may then “Submit” it for processing.  The system automatically generates a unique ID number for your project. However, once the registration has been submitted to the NBP, it will no longer be accessible or editable.


Which documents should to be uploaded with my interest/project registration?

Answer:  Depending on the progress/status of your project’s development, you should upload those documents which you believe will be essential for best describing your project and communicating its needs.  These may include inter alia, your project conceptual brief, proposal or business plan, company documents, financial documents, board resolutions, etc.  The more information provided, the easier it will be for the BFPs to carry out their review and provide feedback pertinent to your specific project.


How can I make queries or track the status of my project once submitted to NBP?

Answer:  Easily.  Contact the JAMPRO Agent that reached out to you after you registered for further assistance. You will be asked to provide the project’s Reference number to the Agent, if it is readily available. 


Is there a fee for registering my interest/project on the NBP?

Answer:  No.  There is no fee or cost associated with submitting/registering an Investment idea/project on the NBP platform.


Do I need to register on the site in order to access JAMPRO’s personalised advisory services?

Answer:  Yes.  If you wish to be contacted by a JAMPRO Investment Agent you only need to complete the 5-minute registration process.  In addition, if you wish to benefit from our advanced personalised “preliminary review” and assessment with the involvement of our BFPs, you must open an Investor Account and register and investment idea/project.  Otherwise, you can simply contact one of our NBP Agents and begin your discussions through JAMPRO today.  Contact Us.


Does the NBP have step by step guides for establishing an investment in any of Jamaica’s key priority sectors?

Answer: Yes.  Our “Step by Step” Investment Guides are easily accessible form a drop-down menu on the NBP Landing Page.  They provide a complete guide to establishing investments in some of the key priority sectors in Jamaica, from inception to final completion.  These guides include the key project implementation, regulatory and procedural steps and processes, which must be considered during your project implementation.  Some of these sectors include - Tourism, Manufacturing, ICT/BPO, Healthcare and Agriculture.


Can I complete the business process applications, submissions and transactions online through the NBP?

Answer:  Unfortunately, no.  While many of the application forms for the business processes may be located, download and even submitted online; for most of the processes on the NBP, you will still be required to visit the ministry, department and/or agency to submit your application and pay any necessary fees.  However, in the future, some online transactions will be made available under Phase III of the Portal’s implementation.


Do I need to be physically in Jamaica to complete the business processes?

Answer:  No.  Some application processes may actually be completed from overseas via email and mail or through the Jamaican High Commissions/Consulates in your country of origin.  For the majority of the processes, if you are unable to apply in person, you may retain an Agent to represent you, manage the process and submit your applications.  Your Agent will be required to carry a “Letter of Authorization”, which must be signed by you and witnessed by a Notary Public.  If the request is on behalf of a company, the letter must be on the company’s letterhead with the company seal affixed.


Will all my personal and project information remain confidential?

Answer:  Absolutely!  The security of your information is important to us, and we at NBP/JAMPRO are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and all of your personal, corporate and project data that you may choose to transmit via our website. It is important to us that you are secure in browsing and interfacing with the NBP/JAMPRO through our Portal.  For more information see our Privacy and Terms of Use Polices.


What if I forget my password?

Answer:  No problem.  During the “Login” process, if you forget your password, you can click on the “Forgot Password” option on the “Login” screen and follow the steps to change your password.


What do I do if I receive an error message while using the NBP?

Answer:  Don’t panic!  If you receive an “Error” message at any time during your visit on the NBP or while registering an investment interest/project; you may contact an “NBP Investment Officer” and they will be able to assist by connecting you to one of our technical support representatives.