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The Sugar Company of Jamaica Holdings (SCJH) Limited is a wholly owned Government of Jamaica (GOJ) land management company that operates specifically to support job creation, improve foreign trade and increase productivity.

The Company through various collaborative public/private partnerships will utilize the assets under its management to promote investments in various sectors such as agriculture, aquaculture, mining, energy, construction, tourism, and other manufacturing interests. These investments are primarily supported by providing lands through sale, leases, or joint venture arrangements with investors who propose viable projects.

Specifically, SCJH will provide land to support:
  • Increased production of renewable energy from biomass, solar and wind;
  • Job creation in agriculture, mining, light manufacturing and housing construction
  • Improvement in housing condition of former sugar workers through the regularization of land tenure;
  • Increase in foreign exchange earnings from the export of agricultural and manufactured goods;
  • Increased production and improvement in productivity of selected agricultural areas;
  • Growth in heritage, eco-tourism, and sports.

If you want to know how you can acquire SCJH lands/assets - see below for step-by-step guidelines on this business process. You may also visit the SCJH's website.

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