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If you are purchasing land in Jamaica, it is important to understand the real estate landscape and various procedures related to the acquisition of land.  In Jamaica, an investor can lease or buy land from the government or the private sector.  Non-citizens and non-residents are also eligible to buy property without any restrictions. 

With more than 840,000 parcels of land recorded on its valuation roll, land represents the country’s single largest asset, with the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) being the largest land owner, having an estimated 35,000 parcels ranging from less than 1 to over 2,000 hectares; and these parcels are vested in several different public sector entities.

Whether through leasing or purchasing, either to citizens or non-citizens, acquiring GOJ lands is always subject to the guidelines of the GOJ Land Divestment Policy, which is built on the guiding principles of transparency, equity, sustainable land utilization and management, and the use of the divestment process to build social and economic capital.  While mechanisms may vary, all government entities divesting land must adhere to the policy framework and its guiding principles.  Select below for more details on the various processes for acquiring land in Jamaica.

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