The Government is committed to ensuring that Jamaica is the easiest place to do business and invest. Our business processes and the rules and regulations are constantly being improved and upgraded to ensure the environment provides a win-win for both Investor and Country. A similar principle applies when a company closes down and must be dissolved or liquidated. A company will have obligations even after it closes down which will continue indefinitely until it is dissolved; at which point upon request, under the Companies Act 2004, its name is removed from the register of companies if in the Registrar’s opinion the company is no longer carrying on business.

The Insolvency Act 2014 is meant to encourage investment and foster the growth of businesses in Jamaica. As a modern framework for resolving business insolvency, it seeks to achieve greater return for creditors, for protecting assets, for the saving of jobs, for suppliers to keep their customers, and for owners to retain a viable company.

Whether a company is struggling with insolvency or is in fact, just looking for a way to close down their solvent operations effectively, there is a dissolution process to suit. Get started today by finding out more about how to close your business, by following our simple step-by-step process guidelines below.

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