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More often than not, acquiring land/real estate in Jamaica can be a straightforward process if you know the right steps to follow. However, at times the process can become quite complex and as such, when buying land it is strongly recommended you should retain the services of an Attorney-at-law and that proof of ownership should be obtained. If you need assistance with identifying the right piece of property it may also be necessary to seek the assistance of real estate agents/brokers, online property websites, properties for sale by owners (advertised or word-of-mouth) and auction companies. With hundreds of real estate agents/ brokers and a multitude of private sales opportunities available in Jamaica, finding the perfect property for your investment should be simple!

The Real Estate Board (REB) was established under the Real Estate (Dealers & Developers) Act 1987 to ensure that all persons who practise the business of real estate (dealers, salesmen and developers) maintain an acceptable standard of professionalism. They can also provide you with some guidance on the purchasing of private lands. See below for step-by-step guidelines on this business process. visit the REB's website.

How do I acquire Private Lands

The Process
Process Quick Tips
  1. Foreign currency remittance for the purpose of purchasing real estate is prohibited without the approval of the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ). Consent from the Exchange Control Department of the BOJ is required prior to engaging in purchase agreements. See BOJ for more…
  2. Anyone wishing to do business with any government entity in Jamaica, must have a tax registration number (TRN). Buying property in Jamaica as a foreigner requires the non-citizen/resident buyer to obtain a valid TRN.
  3. The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) stipulates that, it is illegal for persons/ businesses to pay or receive cash in excess of Jamaican One Million Dollars (JMD$1.0M) for any cash transaction including transactions broken up into separate payments. This means that cash transactions exceeding this amount should only be conducted with a bank or other financial institution permitted by law.
  4. It is not recommended for the Purchaser to share the same Attorney as the Vendor.
If you need further assistance you can also contact the Realtors Association of Jamaica.