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The Factories Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ) is one of the drivers of the Government of Jamaica’s (GOJ’s) economic growth and job creation agenda by providing real estate solutions for a variety of industries such as light manufacturing, agro-processing, warehousing and business process outsourcing (BPO).

FCJ has over one hundred (100) facilities island-wide strategically situated, whether in close proximity to the island’s ports, or commercial districts. They provide standalone buildings, as well as, spaces in industrial estates. Today, they manage over 157,000 square meters (SM) of industrial space for small, medium and large enterprises, which has facilitated the employment of thousands of individuals in a wide cross section of industries.
With the prospects that the BPO industry now holds, the organization is embarking on another phase of expansion to cater to that industry. FCJ is developing projects which will be suitable for Special Economic Zones in order to facilitate transnational manufacturing and distribution companies, and other value added activities.
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